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I visited your store Bramlea City Center Brampton Ontarion Location to buy a Phantom Drone on 30 November. I was told by your staff that the store does not sell Phantom Drones in store but you can purchase it online. They also told me you can buy a Parrot drone which is also nice and are available in store and you have a 30 days return polity option if you don’t like it.

I bought this drone opened it,

First of all

The Drone claims 15 minutes on a charged battery which I tested is not true, it does not fly for 15 minutes and does not even go close to that, it only last 8-10 minutes max and even when we press to return button it does not accepts the command. So it was a complete waste of money for the low quality of Drone.

When I went back to same location where I bought it from they refused to return because it is opened.

My first question is, if we cannot open the product how will we know if it is worth or not? and if we have received the right product. Well I was sold this product by your staff on misleading information about the product and policy which is a violation of law.

At the time of return first I was told by your staff we can only give you store credit for this item, I said its ok I have no problems as I was willing to buy Phantom Drone online, and was also looking for some other purchase including a 75 Inch TV and a Mac book for my child so I accepted this condition. Than another customer representative came up and said we cannot return this product and said if our representative told you that you can return it in 30 days from the date he might not be aware of the Store policy. Well that is your problem if you have not trained your staff with your policies it’s not my problem.

On this your store manager jumps in and without talking to me or asking what’s the matter he immediately calls the mall security to throw me out of the premises.

He doesn’t even ask me what is the matter just comes to me calls the security.

WOW is that the way the Management of Best Buy treats its customers? I think the world should know the way your managers are trained and it should also be mentioned in your store policy, that if you insist on returning any product the best buy management has the authority to through you out of the store.

I was not violent, not abusive still your manager calls security and follow me till car parking to take the picture of my cars license plate. It’s all recorded on my Camera and I believe on your internal cameras as well. Your staff has literally attacked on my dignity for just $500 product.

Well if it is not your store policy to throw customers from the store than please change your manager or the attitude of your staff make them learn how customers are treated. You are in retail business not in police force.

Well I have left the product at your premises because it is of no use for me as it is not worth for the price I paid for.

If you or your management has the skills to keep your clients and know how to deal with a disappointed clients than do the needful and return my money and keep me and my family as your customers.

If not, it is a matter of $500 only but I will make sure you and your company will regret this decision of not returning. I will take every legal course of action including the attack on my dignity, plus will make sure your company name and reputation is showed out there in Media how you treat your customers.

I don’t want to take that option and I am sure your management will also not like to go that way to take that option but if forced I will not hesitate.

I can be contacted on 647-622-6564 only if you are willing to solve the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Canada Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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